Montessori, Naíonra
& Afterschool Care


Maria Montessori believed in a child-centred approach which aims to educate the child in a holistic manner. The role of the teacher is one of a facilitator rather than an instructor. The teacher invites children to learn. It is the teacher’s duty to follow the child’s interests and guide them to discover more. The child at this age absorbs information naturally from the world around them. It is important to have an educationally rich environment for children.

At Smarty Pants our Montessori programme is a daily three hour sessional service which runs in conjunction with the primary school year. Children engage in a wide range of subjects all of which enhance certain aspects of their development. During this time the children take part in practical work using a range of manipulative materials to encourage aspects of their physical and cognitive development. Circle time is centred on discussion-based learning which aims to develop a child’s self-awareness both socially and emotionally. Progress reports are kept on each child in order to keep parents informed of all developments.

At Smarty Pants we believe that what is good for the body is good for the mind. Therefore, we try to spend a period of time every day incorporating fresh air activities such as Yoga, Gardening, Exercise and Outdoor Games into our routines.

Subjects include:
Practical life, Sensorial Education, Language, Mathematics, Irish, French, Culture, Geography, Science, Nature and more. All of these encourage the child’s social, emotional and physical development.

The Montessori session runs from 9:15 am until 12:15 pm. The age range for children in this service is two and a half years to five years old.